Recovering from Caffeine Addiction

18 May

Day 5 without caffeine. I’ve been forced to face the fact that all the soy lattes I drink cannot possibly help my iron levels. From what I’ve read it seems tannins in coffee and tea inhibit the absorption of iron, so I’ve switched to decaf — which is probably something like switching a recovering heroin addict to methadone.

I doubt caffeine addiction is really anything like heroin addiction, however I behave like an addict when I feel as though I can’t survive without that cup in the morning. It’s this compulsive behavior that drove me to quit the first time. I switched to Cafix “the coffee alternative” and Pero coffee substitute, which are both quite horrid yet surprisingly I got used to it — that is until I discovered Starbucks with their fancy soy drinks. Now here I am several years later short hundreds of dollars and with low ferritin levels.


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